Straight from the Heart: IMA Online Initiatives

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IMA has taken several online initiatives to make it easy for doctors to either report required information or access information. Mentioned below are the links to these online initiatives. Please save these links and also share them with all members and your doctor friends.

  1. IMA Rare Blood Group Online Blood Bank Directory

  1. IMA Online TB Notification initiative

  1. IMA Online Events Reporting initiative

  1. Proforma for Hypertension Screening

  1. IMA Online Sentinel Events Reporting Initiative

  1. IMA Disease Notification


  1. IMA Blood Donation Initiative

  1. IMA Flag Salutation

  1. IMA Prayer

  1. IMA Digital TV

  1. IMA Slide Share

  1. I Pledge My Organ

  1. IMA Live

  1. eMedinexus/ART

  1. eMedinexus/Satyagraha

  1. IMA/ART

  1. IMA/Satyagraha

19  IMA/Webcast

  1. IMA Digital TV

  1. BMI Calculator

22 eMedi Calculator SI to Conventional Unit Converter

  1. SMS Extractor

  1. eMail Extractor

25 eIMANews

26 eJIMA

27 IMA Diabetes Survey

27 IMA Radio

28 DilliChalo

Straight from the Heart: IMA Issues

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An Inter-Ministerial (Health, Consumer, Law and Home) committee was formed at the insistence of IMA; practically met every month during the last one year to take IMA issues forward. MOH recommendations for various issues of IMA so far are as follows:

Clinical Establishment Act

  1. To take the police out of appropriate CEA authorities
  2. To exempt entry level NABH Accreditations Centre from CEA registration formalities
  3. To facilitate single window registration of medical establishments
  4. To redefine the word to stabilize in the CEA Act means to “to provide first aid/ basic life support”
  5. Standard treatment guidelines are advisory in nature
  6. Establishment charges only in consultation with state and IMA


  1. To take penal provisions out for clerical errors in PCPNDT Act. The matter is in the Supreme Court.

Violence against doctors

  • MoH also released series of advertisements in National dailies on the subject of violence against doctors
  • MOH wrote to all the Chief Secretaries of States regarding enacting and /or implementing Laws against violence on doctors
  • MOH wrote to the Law Ministry for initiation of Central Law against violence

Capping of compensation

  • MOH wrote to Consumer ministry regarding amendment in CPA to modify the compensation clause


  • MoH has given in writing that doctors of non-modern system of medicine cannot prescribe modern drugs. IMA won the crosspathy case in Delhi High Court. The matter is in Supreme Court.


  • One of the main Agenda of IMA was “Say No to NMC” and IMA could convenience the Govt. to bring proposed NMC in its present state which is 60:40 ratio of Nominated Vs. Elected Body, out of 29 (25) members – 9 will be elected, 5 Selected and out of 15 nominated, 10 will be medical doctors.

Straight from the Heart: IMA-HBI Initiative

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Thank you to Team HBI led by Dr RV Asokan for the wonderful work being done and for winning the Best Wing Award for the year 2017.

Here are some of my views about IMA HBI to be implemented by 28th December and put in the HBI agenda book.

Thanks for initiating over 768 pre entry level NABH accreditation certification process launching a HBI portal bringing out 12 HBI e Connect newsletters and a practical guide on hospital start ups conducting GST and insurance summits digital Team HBI and aiming for 10 000 affiliated memberships.

Hospital Board of India may consider re naming itself as IMA Clinical Establishment Board of India. This will give it a better branding and broader scope in working.

As per the last CWC resolution all state IMA branches having nursing home wings have already become part of HBI and the same should be implemented as early as possible HBI adopted medical emblem. NABH will not be able to cope up with numbers required by IRDA regarding pre accreditation entry level certification of clinical establishments. Today NABH requires a 3 month period of self certification prior to application.

This period may be certified by IMA. IMA certified clinical establishments means they are ready for entry level NABH certification. IRDA is being approached so that IMA certified establishments may be recognized by them for insurance purposes.

Medical tourism ministry has allowed IMA to run Mumbai airport facilitation centre. The same is to be coordinated by IMA HBI.

IMA HBI should tie up with IMA Insurance web page and IMA SBI card policy

Why NABH IMA white paper should be promoted to all?

IMA HBI should adopt IMA Aao Gaon Chale wing

HBI issues

  • Can technicians sign lab reports?
  • CEA Karnataka issue to be put in full page advt in one of the national dailies.
  • IMA HBI costing department to come out with its recommendation part 1 by the 2nd week of December . The aim of IMAHBI costing department should also be how to reduce the cost. The IMA sanctioned budget of six lakh to be used by IMA HBI for this purpose.
  • IMAHBI to implement one price one drug one company policy
  • IMAHBI Transgender Policy to have toilets for disable people to be used as toilets for transgenders

IMAHBI to come out with minimal requirement for ICU facility in small health care establishments in view of the Supreme Court judgment.

Small health care organizations should be promoted as they are the only cost effective setups. HBI to have a separate agenda book this year in central council.

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