Low cholesterol linked to anxiety, depression, suicide, hemorrhagic stroke and cancers

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People with very low cholesterol levels are at increased risk of developing stomach cancer, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cancer.

The study involved 2,600 residents of Hisayama, Japan, who were followed for 14 years. Gastric cancers developed in 97 subjects. After accounting for age and gender, stomach cancer rates rose significantly with descending cholesterol level. For example, among subjects with the highest cholesterol levels, the gastric cancer rate was the equivalent of 2.1 cases per 1000 persons per year; among those with the lowest cholesterol, the rate was 3.9 per 1000 persons per year.

Patients with low serum cholesterol should consider periodic gastrointestinal examination for the prevention of stomach cancer.

Low cholesterol has been earlier linked to depression, anxiety and suicide in both men and women. Another earlier report has also shown that people with cholesterol level below 180 had twice the risk of brain hemorrhage asCOMPARED to those with cholesterol levels of 230.

All about death by hanging

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• Hanging is the simplest and yet highly effective method used by people who commit suicide.
• It is the most common cause of suicide after poisoning in women and after gunshot injury in men.
• Hanging accounts for 53% of suicides in males and 39% in females.
• It has a high mortality rate up to 70%.
• The materials required are easily available and of wide range and therefore it is difficult to prevent.
• Hanging can be suspension hanging or drop hanging.
• Suspension hanging is hanging of the body by the neck and drop hanging involves calculated drop to break the neck.
• In suspension hanging, a person takes 10 to 20 minutes to die resulting into a painful death. Materials used are rope, bed sheet, shoe laces, telephone extension cables, thread of the chairs/mattresses.
• Suspension hanging causes compression of carotid artery, jugular veins and the airway.
• In suspension hanging, 5 kg of pressure is required to compress the carotid artery; 2 kg of pressure is required to compress the jugular veins and 15 kg of pressure is required to compress the airway. Unconsciousness occurs in 5 to13 seconds.
• Full suspension is not necessary, even with partial suspension a person can die.
• Near hanging is the term used for those who survive.

Why cricketers do not commit suicide

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In an analysis of all 61 cine star celebrity deaths by Heart Care Foundation of India, it was found that 8 out of 61 committed suicide and another 2 survived a severe depression. Till now, the medical profession, especially the initial years, was perceived as the most suicide prone profession. Would the film industry today acknowledge that depression and suicides are very common as compared to other professions? When we compare the film industry and the current IPL cricket industry, we find that both of them deal with stress and strains of life.

Cricketers face the stresses of being left out from the final XI, losing a match or scoring a duck or getting out on a score of 99. The stress in cricket is even more as the person is playing for the country. But even with similar levels of stress, cricketers do not get depressed or commit suicide. One reason may be that cricket as a game is more disciplined, requires a constant practice, regular physical fitness and exercise, not eating refined carbohydrates as has been advocated by the cricket academy and regular presence of counselors in every academy where they are attached. Counseling sessions are often held before and after the game. On the other hand, in the film industry people are more isolated, self-centered with no food discipline or sessions of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Seniors often suppress the newcomers/juniors. The expectation from juniors by seniors is much more in the cine industry. Its not only suicides, other lifestyle disorders too are much more common in the film industry than that in cricket industry or any other profession. Three major causes of death in the cine industry are heart attacks, cancer and depression or suicide. All three are related to lifestyle disorders. The time has come for the film industry to come out with policies and guidelines on how to reduce this stress.

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